• Hand pumping water
  • We were treated to breakfast tacos made by Aniseto (who speaks great English) that were made over an open wood fire.
  • There is no health care for this community of 1200 people.  They must find their way into town about 9k away to go to a doctor.  The #1 health issue for children is snake bites...they are asking for 200 pairs of shoes so children don't go barefoot in the jungle.  This little boy, about 3, has severely crossed eyes and needs surgery.  It will probably not happen since the familyl cannot afford to go to the doctor.
  • There are a couple of these little "corner markets" in the community where residents can purchase some food.
  • We went to this new community to see what they were doing for education for their students.  Hipolito is the 6th grade instructor and introduced us to the schools.
  • These girls are doing their homework outside the classroom amid the sewer pipes.
  • In some classrooms they is no way to attach the white boards as yet.
  • This is a new school building going up.  They are constanting building new school classrooms because more and more children keep showing up.  Instead of open air, these have cement block walls about 4 feet tall, sticks for windows (ventilation) and a tin roof.
  • With no textbooks or teaching materials, teachers write all information and instructions on paper and tack them up on the classroom walls.  The students are expected to copy everything into their notebooks.
  • Used classroom desks and new white boards were given to the school this past summer by the local government.  Because this classroom has no walls the board was lashed to the crossbeam.
  • Father Huberto was our guide out to Noh-Bec.  He is the local parish priest in Playa del Carmen.
  • Miguel is a parishoner at Father Huberto's church and our guide out to Noh-Bec.  Miguel owns property in Noh-Bec, as well as the rest of his family, but he lives in Playa del Carmen unti he can build out there.
  • This is Hipolito's classroom.
  • This teacher has posted a list of students who did not hand in their homework yesterday.  Many of the residents live in extreme poverty and children don't have school supplies.  This could be an area where the KKIS Project can help.
  • This is the bathroom for the school.  With no electricity in the village we are unsure as to how the pump works to maintain these bathrooms.

The Noh-Bec Community


This is a community of 1,200 who live on the NW side of Playa del Carmen.  Their community has been carved out of the jungle in the last 3 years.  They have built classrooms for students on their own, but still lack basic needs like running water and electricity.  They are proud of what they have accomplished and enjoy living far from the parts of society they don’t like.  The KKIS Project would like to help them with school supplies, but they need much more help.

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